UDLX Synthetic

synthetic roofing underlayment

Metal roofs get very hot in the sunlight. They need underlayments designed for higher temperatures such as RoofAquaGuard UDLX. With years of engineering, UDLX is able to withstand exposure to the elements before the roof is installed.

While designed for use with metal roofs, UDLX is a performance-enhancing part of any roof system including shingles, metal, slate, and composite products. Installers love its extreme low weight while the very wide 60” rolls speed installation and minimize horizontal laps.

UDLX is mechanically fastened with plastic cap nails 12” on center both horizontally and vertically. The slip-resistant top surface serves as a slip sheet beneath metal roofing panels and is perfect for installations in extreme temperatures, both high and low.

  • Eliminates problem-prone paper and asphaltic roofing felts, offering security and durability while not requiring an additional slip sheet or red rosin paper.
  • Premium, extra-thick synthetic underlayment for use under metal and other roofing materials.
  • Proprietary, anti-slip top surface is favored by roof installers in all climates.
  • Self-grip coating on the backside enhances positioning of the product as well as roof safety.
  • Wide 60” rolls have ten squares of material for fast installation with a weight of 40 pounds.
  • 20-mil thickness
  • Limited 35 year Warranty
Roll Dimensions 60″ x 200′
Roll Weight 40 lb
Roll Size 1000 sq. ft.
Packaging 36 Rolls/Pallet
27 Pallets/Truckload