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Enhanced Performance Through Technology

RoofAquaGuard is committed to providing synthetic underlayments, ice and watershield products, rainscreen materials, and other membranes that address the unique needs of today’s buildings. In searching for energy efficiency and comfort, construction technology has brought new facets to existing and new buildings. These changes in construction methods and materials have created the challenge of developing new materials that allow buildings to breathe so that moisture is not trapped inside. Such moisture leads to condensation which leads to rot, mildew, and mold – all things that create unhealthy building environments as well as structural damage. At the same time, these materials must provide a weathertight barrier for the building envelope.

Through our years of industry experience and research, we understanding building science. Our commitment is to providing the finest products which are installer-friendly and engineered to enhance building performance.

roofaquaguard family of products

We are committed to developing products including underlayments, rainscreen materials, and other membranes that address the needs of today’s buildings.