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Synthetic Underlayments Designed for Metal Roofing

A roof is the most critical component of any structure and choosing the wrong underlayment can put an entire structure at risk. RoofAquaGuard synthetic underlayments were designed specifically to enhance the life and performance of metal roofs.

The Best Metal Roofing Underlayments

More homeowners are choosing metal roofs because of the many benefits they offer over other roofing materials. Our parent company, Isaiah Industries, has been a leading manufacturer of quality residential metal roofs since 1980. About 25 years ago, we recognized that part of a successful metal roof installation is a quality roof underlayment. We looked around and couldn’t find a roofing underlayment that truly complements a metal roof, so we created one.

We went on to develop a line of high quality roofing underlayments designed specifically to enhance the life and performance of metal roofs. Today, RoofAquaGuard is a family of products designed for both new construction and retrofit metal roofs. Due to their superior technology and performance, these products also work exceptionally well with asphalt shingles, slate, and even tile roofs, bringing added value to those roof systems as well.

Metal Roofing Underlayments

We are committed to developing products including underlayments, rainscreen materials, and other membranes that address the needs of today’s buildings.


Weatherproof Your Metal Roof

We believe that the roof is the most critical component of any structure. Homeowners and other property owners are putting their investments at risk if they select roofs that do not perform. While a metal roof or other quality roof covering can be a great choice, underlayments provide additional protection controlling water flow during roof installation and also during severe or catastrophic weather events.

We also believe that not every structure is the same. When it comes to concerns with ventilation and condensation, especially on older structures or custom-designed homes, breathable materials or underlayments that create a thermal break or a drainage plane can be beneficial.

Choosing the wrong roofing underlayment can put an entire structure at risk. Improper underlayments can lead to water getting into the structure as well as to condensation, rot, and even higher energy costs.

We have created the RoofAquaGuard family of products to provide unmatched protection and flexibility for all structures and roof types. It is always our pleasure to talk with you personally and discuss the needs of your building. Our experts have great building science knowledge to guide you in the right direction.