DRY-TECH Entangled Mesh

synthetic roofing underlayment

Dry-Tech is designed to make buildings more energy efficient and healthier. Installed beneath metal roofs including zinc roofs, wood shakes, and other products, Dry-Tech creates a rigid crush-resistant air space between the roofing product and the roof deck.

This air space allows for drainage and contributes toward attic condensation control by creating a thermal break that minimizes the transfer of cold and heat from the roof surface to the structure.

This thermal break promotes energy efficiency by stopping conductive heat transfer much like the air space between multiple panes of glass in a thermal pane window. This same break also provides sound attenuation by disrupting sound waves into the structure when rain hits the roof surface. The end result is a cooler, quieter, and healthier building.

“We did the roof with Dry-Tech last week and it turned out amazing. No oil canning at all. I’m very surprised at how well it worked.”
– Abe, Advanced Metal Roofs

  • Specifically designed for use with the growing metal roofing market to allow air flow between the deck and the metal panel for ventilation, sound attenuation, and energy efficiency.
  • Makes any metal roofing system more energy efficient by creating an integral thermal break.
  • Meets the unique needs of zinc roofs
  • Also applicable for wood shingle roofs and as a rainscreen for sidewall applications.
  • Limited 35 Year Warranty
Roll Dimensions 39″ x 61.5′
Roll Weight 17 lb
Roll Size 200 sq. ft.
Packaging 9 Rolls/Pallet
40 Pallets/Truckload