DRY-TECH Entangled Mesh

synthetic roofing underlayment

Dry-Tech is designed to increase energy efficiency and building health. Installed beneath metal roofs, wood shakes, and other products, Dry-Tech creates a rigid, crush-resistant air space between the roof and the roof deck.

This air space allows for drainage and contributes toward attic condensation control by creating a thermal break to minimize heat transfer from the roof surface to the structure. This thermal break promotes energy efficiency by stopping conductive heat transfer, much like the air space in a thermal pane window. This same break also provides sound attenuation by disrupting sound waves. The result is a cooler, quieter, and healthier building.

“We did the roof with Dry-Tech last week and it turned out amazing. No oil canning at all. I’m very surprised at how well it worked.”
– Abe, Advanced Metal Roofs

  • Specifically designed for use with the growing metal roofing market to allow airflow between the deck and the metal panel for ventilation, sound attenuation, and energy efficiency.
  • It makes any metal roofing system more energy efficient by creating an integral thermal break.
  • Meets the unique needs of zinc roofs.
  • Reduces or eliminates oilcanning in standing seam metal roof panels by putting a small “crown” in the panels that takes up excess metal, removing the ripples.
  • It also works as a rainscreen for sidewall applications.
  • Limited 35-Year Warranty
Roll Dimensions 39″ x 61.5′
Roll Weight 17 lb
Roll Size 200 sq. ft.
Packaging 9 Rolls/Pallet
40 Pallets/Truckload