Standing Seam Underlayment Solution

Vent3 and DryTech

RoofAquaGuard’s Dry-Tech entangled mesh and Vent3 ™ breathable synthetic roofing underlayment combine for exceptional performance when used with standing seam roof systems.

Why? Our unique standing seam underlayment solution addresses moisture control and sound attenuation while providing a proper thermal break to reduce heat gain or loss, improve ventilation and reduce energy costs.   

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Vent 3 Breathable

Vent 3 is a triple-layer high-performance breathable membrane made from high tensile spun-bonded polypropylene layers around a microporous polypropylene film. Roof AquaGuard is the exclusive distributor in the US for Vent3 ™, manufactured by European industry leader Cromar Building Products.

Roll Dimensions 59″ x 164′
Roll Weight 23 lb
Roll Size 807 sq. ft.
Packaging 54 Rolls/Pallet
40 Pallets/Truckload

Dry-Tech Entangled Mesh

Our warranted underlayment creates a rigid crush-resistant air space between the standing seam roofing panel and the roof deck. This space allows for drainage and provides a thermal break, minimizing cold and heat transfer from the roof surface to the structure.

Roll Dimensions 39″ x 61.5′
Roll Weight 17 lb
Roll Size 200 sq. ft.
Packaging 18 Rolls/Pallet
40 Pallets/Truckload

Purchasing these 2 products together offers superior performance. Your purchase may qualify for volume discounts and additional savings on freight.

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