synthetic roofing underlayment

Building science proves to us the value of ventilation for moisture control and to create healthier, mold-resistant buildings. However, with some buildings, achieving adequate ventilation is difficult or impossible. In other cases, such as with educational facilities, the stakes are simply very high and no one wants to use construction assemblies that might promote the growth of mold and mildew. RoofAquaGuard BREA-II is a highly breathable roofing underlayment designed to work in conjunction with existing ventilation or provide a method for moisture control in buildings where ventilation is non-existent. BREA-II is an ideal product for buildings where health and air safety are of paramount concern.

  • A very strong, multilayer, breathable, synthetic roofing underlayment for use on pitched roofs.
  • Soft, comfortable top surface features slip resistant walkability.
  • Designed to provide breathable building technology for construction where health and air safety are of major concern.
  • Offers extra breathability for buildings with limited ventilation.
  • Limited 35 Year Warranty
Roll Dimensions 59″ x 164″
Roll Weight 30 lb
Roll Size 807 sq. ft.
Packaging 20 Rolls/Pallet
42 Pallets/Truckload
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